A digital transformation journey can be complex and difficult but does not have to be. Our team of expert consultants will help you to simplify the complex, and break down your journey into manageable steps.

In order to help align business direction with IT capabilities, we help with initial IT assessments, development of the desired to-be state, roadmap design, RFP creation, and software evaluation.


To enable the most suitable forward-looking IT architecture, you need to evaluate the best strategic fit to your business environment. We work with to identify your real operational needs, build a business requirements checklist and evaluate potential software solutions.

Our expertise in implementing global IT solutions for companies of all sizes and industries provides us with the background to critically assist you with your business needs analysis. We support you during the evaluation phase with best business practices and in-depth industry knowledge. We help you to ensure a solid IT foundation for your business growth, built upon the most suitable IT environment for your organization.

Closing the gap between business and IT is critical to align the overall strategic direction. Business strategy and initiatives must drive the direction and priorities of technology investment. IT capability must enable innovative business strategies and capabilities. Because technology is transforming every organization, you need technology-enabled strategy to take advantage of the opportunities.

We help you assess your current environment and business processes in preparation for an IT Roadmap recommendation. We analyze your business processes, identify existing gaps, and establish areas for improvement and potential productivity gains. Our methodology for strategic IT assessment enables you to evaluate your options, prioritize next steps, and helps to align the strategic direction between your business and IT.

For your business to grow, you most probably have a strategic business plan, which outlines your planned initiatives, the markets you intend to engage in, and your overall growth strategy. We help you plan your IT environment and create a technology roadmap to enable this growth.

If you plan to operate in new markets, open up new lines of businesses or engage in M&A activities, your IT strategy needs to reflect your business direction, and enable the execution of your plans. We work together with you to develop a roadmap for your IT environment to ensure your execution plans are supported by the right infrastructure at any point in time.

Planning the strategic direction of an IT environment for a growing company can be daunting. You need to strike a balance between budget constraints, desired state-of-the art technology, and current business processes. Any IT decision made will have to be supported by return on investment considerations. For budget to be allocated to allow you to build the IT environment your company needs, you need to justify your proposed solution, and demonstrate tangible and intangible ROI.

At those times we help you as a sounding board and independent advisor to evaluate the various options. We assist you in the justification of the most suitable IT roadmap going forward, develop supporting documents and prepare the necessary board papers. We help you with the relevant buy-in, and ensure you IT vision can be realized.