Our global network of partners, coupled with our expertise in implementing SAP solutions in Asia and Middle East make us the perfect fit for organizations looking for an experienced SAP Roll-out Partner.

We understand the local challenges and legal regulations, and we understand how to address them and mitigate implementation risks. Our global rollout methods, our ability for local support, along with our understanding of different cultures allowed us to successfully roll out many SAP projects over the years for our customers.

If you run a global or regional business, you want to ensure visibility across your organization. In addition, common and standardized business processes are vital for scalability and continuous growth. However, local tax and financial requirements, language considerations and other local peculiarities obstruct in most cases a simple copy / paste approach.

Before the start of any roll-out project, the unique situation of the organization needs to be taken into consideration. Questions such as centralized versus decentralized master data management need to be discussed. Depending on your specific business requirements, we establish together with you the most suitable roadmap, sequence, and approach for a successful software roll-out.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for implementations covering multiple countries. Depending on your organization and your specific business circumstances we evaluate options to decide on the most suitable approach for a multi-country roll-out. Options such as simplified pilot site, highest ROI, most representative business site are taken into consideration and assessed on their viability and chances of success.

As business never is static, the approach will remain flexible to accommodate business changes throughout the roll-out project. External factors may require a different prioritization and sequence as initially planned, and continuous communication between all stakeholders is crucial. Our experience executing roll-out projects across Asia will be invaluable to ensure the appropriate approach is selected to ensure project success.

Depending on the business requirements and the unique circumstances of the organization, we will identify the best mix of on-site and off-site deployment for a regional roll-out. Our experienced team will help you find a balance of local buy-in requirements and project cost considerations. Change management issues as well as data migration concerns will have to be taken into consideration.

Our consulting team has executed business transformation projects all across Asia and Middle East. We have helped local SMEs to integrate their subsidiaries in into one single platform. Our team speaks multiple languages, understands local requirements and cultural issues. We have successfully executed numerous business transformation projects all across Asia & Middle East in both off-site and on-site deployment teams.

Knowledge transfer and capability enablement is an integral component of our roll-out methodology. In most cases regionally operating organizations decide to build an internal competence center with the expertise to handle first-level support. In many roll-out projects we take initial lead roles to ensure a successful start. We train the internal team who works hand-in-hand with our experts to see through the first roll-out projects. Subsequent roll-outs are then sometimes lead by the client, and supported by our consulting team.